English Teaching Jobs in Thailand

Most English teaching jobs in Thailand are in language schools. But there are also some government programs to get hired to teach there too.

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Most English teaching jobs in Thailand are with language centers.  See our English language centers section below to find the top schools to work in Thailand. But keep in mind there are also some organizations too, which can help you find employment. 

The average salary for English teachers in Thailand is about 31,000 THB.  But it can range anywhere from $800 to 1000 USD.  Workload and responsibilities are generally higher and you can expect to teach anywhere from 20-25 hours in the classroom per week.


TEFL internships do all the work for you by setting up affordable accommodation, work visa/permit, with pre-departure information.  If you want to avoid the hassle and go to Thailand without the headache, here are some of top internship options to get you started teaching English in Thailand right now.

TEFL Thumbnail Premier TEFL

Apply for an internship in Thailand. Make your teaching adventure simple.

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Join MyTEFL’s internship in Thailand and choose either Hua Hin or Chiang Mai.


Fulbright – The Thailand – United States Educational Foundation (TUSEF / Fulbright Thailand) administers Fulbright and non-Fulbright educational exchange programs for Thais and Americans with an aim to promote mutual understanding and good wills between the two countries.

CIEE – CIEE provides you with all the training and support you need to be successful inside and outside the classroom. They also pay you a competitive salary, housing and immerse yourself in Thai culture through their teaching program in Thailand.

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Apply to the Fulbright exchange program for Thailand.

Become a teacher with CIEE and get the whole experience of Thailand.


If you’re looking to go the do-it-yourself route, public school and private academy jobs are available through the job boards below. You can also get in touch with some of the popular language institutes directly that we’ve also listed below.


In short, TEFL certification helps prepare you become a better teacher abroad. But it’s not only for that, TEFL providers are often a leading source of English teaching jobs in Thailand. Before signing up, make sure to ask them about their partner schools in Thailand to see if they can help you get hired at a reputable school.

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The only certification recognized in both the UK and USA for job opportunities.

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A top-rated TEFL provider with lifetime job search and alumni support services.

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A long-standing certificate provider with 20+ years of experience in TESOL.

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An accredited TEFL program clearly focused on classroom teaching and lesson planning.

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An internationally recognized program with recruitment partners and internship.

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An accredited TEFL certificate training institute with virtual and on-site training.